Who Was … Eliza Armstrong?

In history there are many souls assigned to oblivion, due mainly to circumstances at their death, and a lack of connecting information with their living past. One such person is Eliza Armstrong. Eliza was a partner to George Clark (1818-1854) who was a brother of my...

Wangaratta Fire Brigade’s First Home

I have long been searching for the first home of the Wangaratta Fire Brigade. There was much fanfare over the opening of the purpose-built building in Ford Street in January 1896 (see my post here), but no clues were given as to where the brigade was located before...

An Early Post Office

When Alexander Cameron MacDonald passed away in 1917, local newspapers heralded him as Wangaratta’s first Postmaster. This was not true, as at least two other men acted in the capacity of Postmaster before MacDonald arrived in the infant town and he was never...

Hickey’s Garage

The lovely image below is of Hickey’s Garage in Murphy Street and was taken in 1923. The photo was taken from a negative donated to Museum Victoria in 1988 by M. B. Porter as part of The Biggest Family Album in Australia project to preserve the images that...

Radio 3WR

Wangaratta can lay claim to Australia’s first country broadcasting station, going to air five months before Toowoomba’s 4GR. Stationer and Wangaratta Sports Depot owner Leslie John Leo Hellier commenced radio 3WR in February 1925 in a shed in his backyard...

Margaret Considine (c1818-1895)

Another post from my earlier university days. Much more research has been done since this was first penned in 1999. This post has NOT been updated with the new research. Margaret Considine was born circa 1818 at Sixmilebridge, a townland in the civil parish of...

Gordy Moore (1885-1967)

I am having a break from the blog while I concentrate on my PhD. This post comes from research I did for an Advanced Diploma in Local and Applied History that I was completing at the University of New England in 1999. My research has come a long way since then and the...

The Real Grandma

The impetus for this blog came out of many years tracing my family history and long talks and explorations of Wangaratta with family members. One of those family members was my dear Uncle Bert who had a wonderful memory and fabulous sense of humour, and a willingness...

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