1856 politics Wangaratta style

The political and social alignments of the early residents of Wangaratta have long fascinated me. Who socialised or was in business with whom, was an indicator of town and sometimes family dynamics. While there were clearly divisions in Wangaratta, they were often not...

Doing business in 1873

A few weeks ago I was able to peruse early copies of The Dispatch and North Eastern Advertiser. This was the newspaper that John Rowan commenced in the early 1860s as the Wangaratta Dispatch. Rowan had moved on to Wahgunyah where he died in July 1873 but the newspaper...

Wareena and the Ned Kelly connection

I don’t usually go in for gratuitous mentions of Ned Kelly but he has left a legacy all around the north east of Victoria and south east of New South Wales so can’t be ignored. Mentions of him pop up in the most unlikely places and today’s mention is...

Corinya – home of the Callander family

Corinya, home of the Callander family, well known in Wangaratta for their Big Store (later Coles) in Murphy Street is up for sale. Images of the house and details including that it has a maid’s bedroom can be found on the Stockdale and Leggo advertisement here....

The Tippet family and World War One

An interesting piece in the Border Mail about the Tippet family in Wangaratta. Percy’s spot sheds its full stop on Tippet family tree A small reserve of land on the corner of Tone Road and Green Street has been named Percy Tippet Reserve in honour of Percy Albert...

The Donegal Relief Fund 1858

Research of our Irish forebears is difficult most of the time. Late civil registration in Ireland, an English, Anglican leaning aristocracy in Australia that thought recording someone as being born in “Ireland” was adequate, excruciatingly common surnames...

Sepia Saturday – A quartet of hotels

Choosing images for this week’s Sepia Saturday was quite easy. The challenge was to show a quartet of photos using the themes of towns, hotels or main streets.   I knew immediately that I wanted to look at four hotels in Wangaratta. At first I wanted to feature...

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